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Rainpants & Gaiters

Is it best to put gaiters on over or under rainpants?


Is it best to put gaiters on over or under rainpants?

Submitted by - Alan


That depends. If I’m wearing low-cut gaiters, my pants are unlikely to stay tucked in, so they go underneath. But I typically wear high cut gaiters over my rainpants—especially for stream-crossings. It’s important to buy gaiters that are properly sized to your boot, because if there’s not a tight seal around the upper, water will sneak right in.

Also, be sure that the top closure and instep straps are tightly cinched—if there’s any gapping around the top of bottom, you can be sure that water will find its way in. One of my all-time favorite pieces of gear is my Outdoor Research Crocs. I’ve been wearing the same pair (the purple ones pictured in the above link) for about 15 years!

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  1. Tim B

    I have hip waders that go over my hiking boots and weigh only 9 oz a pair. At a stream crossing it only takes a minute to take them out of the side pocket of my pack and put them on over my boots. Another minute on the other side to put them back in my pack and I’m on my way with dry boots. I found them at

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