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Pebbles in My Trail Shoes

How can I prevent pebbles from getting in my running shoes while I run?


Hi, can you suggest any ways for me to keep
pebbles from getting in my running shoes while I run? Thanks!

Submitted by - Laura - Bronx, NY


Yes, easy! One word: Gaiters! Several companies make little stretchy ankle gaiters, designed to fit snug over running shoes and make a pebble- and sand-proof seal over the tops of your boots. My favorites happen to be these Montbell gaiters. They fit great and create a low profile over any light hikers or trail runners, and they breathe well, so you’re feet don’t get too sweaty.

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  1. Laura Cody

    Also try Joe Trailman gaiters at We saw him running in them on local trails and admired them, then ordered. We’ve used them for years and they really work. They’re made like dirtygirl’s and attach with Velcro but the fabric is a bit thicker and wears better. The colors are also plain neutrals, not dirtygirl’s wild prints.

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