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How Do I Get Campire Smoke Out of My Gear?

How do I get the campfire stench out of my gear? I tried washing it but no-go.


How do I get the campfire stench out of my gear? I tried washing it but no-go.

Submitted by - Jack, New York, NY


Hey Jack,
I always kind of like the smell of campfire smoke, especially when I pull on a jacket I haven’t worn in a while. For me, it’s sensory recall and the memories of that last trip hit me. Given some time, I’ve found the smell always disappears on it’s own, but there are a few things you can do to speed the process along. I’ve got two ideas: one is proven, and the other is so crazy it just might work.

First, the tried and true: MiraZyme ($4.50; is an enzyme- and microbe-based liquid solution. Just mix with water (the ratio varies depending on the level of stink; see packaging for specifics) and submerge.  Soak your garment for five minutes, then remove (without rinsing) and air dry.

Now, for the wacky idea. Full disclosure: I have NOT tried this technique. I found it online.

The author claims to have gotten it from a professional smoke damage removal company. Just add one can of regular Coke—not Pepsi, not Diet Coke, not Stop–n-Shop Brand Cola—to your load of smoky laundry, along with your regular detergent. Wash as usual and dry.

I’m dying to find out if this works. If anyone tries it before I do, please let me know!


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  1. RS

    Why do so many people say “I wish I could smell that all the time”? – did you notice this is specifically a page to REMOVE that smell? No-one cares if you like it. It’s like walking into a bar and saying “I don’t like alcohol, I love not drinking alcohol” and leaving.

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