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Gore-Tex Water-Proofing Tips

What are the best products for re-waterproofing Gore-Tex rain jackets?


What are the best products for re-waterproofing Gore-Tex rain jackets?

Submitted by - Randy, Germantown, PA


My favorite is McNett ReviveX. It’s easy to use: First, just wash your jacket in warm water. (Tips: close all the zippers and Velcro tabs to prevent abrasion to the fabric and for soap, use ReviveX Synthetic Fabric Cleaner.)

Then, make sure the jacket is thoroughly rinsed, and hang it wet on a clothes hanger.

Hold the bottle 5-8 inches away from the jacket and spray using long even strokes. Pay special attention to the shoulder area. Finally, toss the jacket in the dryer (alone) and tumble on medium heat for a full hour.

Your jacket will bead up water like it was new again. As soon as you notice that water no longer beads, repeat the process.

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  1. Brad

    What am I missing in this question and answer? Isn’t Gore-Tex supposed to be inherently waterproof? Why would I spend the extra money on a Gore-Tex garment in the first place if I have to apply a waterproofing agent to it throughout its life-cycle? Seriously, if you have to keep re-waterproofing it, what makes it better than say, waxed cotton? Perhaps this is the reason why almost invariably in my experience Gore-Tex lined boots cease being waterproof long before the boot itself wears out, or indeed, long before they’ve even seen much hard use. The waterproofing seems to break down at roughly the same time the boot gets nicely broken in.

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