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Camping Utensil Suggestions?

What's a good set of on trail eating utensils--fork, spoon, etc?


What’s a good set of on trail eating utensils–fork, spoon, etc?

Submitted by - Nick, Portland OR


Ask five people this question, and you’ll likely get five different answers. Eating style is about as personal as color preference. So you gotta ask yourself, what kind of eater am I?

1)    Forget culinary preferences, I’m a total ounce freak. I know precisely what a ziplock bag weighs and I”ve cut off the ends of all the straps on my backpack. My choice: a Spork, like the .3-ounce Vargo Titanium Spork (left) ($10)

2)    Forget culinary preferences AND whining about weight. I’m not spending more than 3 bucks! My choice: Light My Fire’s Spork ($3)

3)    Three bucks!? We’re in a recession! I can lift a full set (plus a couple backups) from Taco Bell.

4)    My parents taught me good manners, you buffoons. The dining experience is to be savored, bite by neatly cut bite. My choice: Sea to Summit’s 3-piece Alpha Set ($15)

5)    Spoons, forks, and especially sporks are SOOOO Ugly American. I dine in style, in the culturally dignified way of the Asians. My choice: Snowpeak’s Backpacking Chopsticks  ($30)

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  1. David

    Wally World has sets of Lexan utensils that include knife, fork, small and large spoon. A set of four runs only a few dollars. They are light and indestructible. I cut the handles down on the fork and knife to fit into a Ziploc. When hiking with my seven year old grandson, I take two spoons, two forks, one large spoon, and sometimes the knife (if the “menu” requires).

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