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Camp Shoes

Do you have any suggestions on camp shoes?


Do you have any suggestions on camp shoes? After backpacking all day in my hiking boots I don’t really feel like wearing them around anymore.

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Well, when car camping, camp shoes are easy–just pack your favorite sneakers. But if weight and bulk are a factor, the decision becomes much trickier. When I’m really trying to slash my pack weight, camp shoes are one of the first things to go, and I always regret it at the end of the day. Lately, though, I’ve been packing a pair of Crocs, those molded plastic clogs that come in every color you can think of. They weigh about a pound per pair and can be rammed into a corner of your pack or strapped to the outside. You can wear them with or without socks, and their pretty damn indestructible. They cost 30 bucks, but you can also find knock-offs for half that price.


  1. COHikerGirl

    The key question really is: winter or summer? Crocs and other even more lightweight shoes are just terrific for moderate/hot temps that a pair of socks can handle. But for spending significant time at a snowy winter camp, you really do want something that not only protects you from the wet floors / snowy ground, but which is also totally easy to slip on/off (no lacing) for quick nighttime trips to the loo, and which RETAIN WARMTH. For winter, the “real” camp booties truly are preferable.

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