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A Kilt Prevents Chafing?

How do I prevent chafing? Nothing I've tried seems to work.


Dear Kristin,

How do I prevent chafing? I have been on many long distance hikes in the last year and seem plagued by raw spots. I have tried talc, shaving and even gone commando to the summit of the South Sister. What’s the deal and what really works?

Submitted by - Nate Alexander, Damascus, OR


Dear Nate,
Not to get too personal or anything, but are we talking about groin/between-the-legs chafing? Though I can’t give you advice from personal experience, here are some ideas I’ve come across that others swear by.

Body Glide: It’s a lubricating stick that looks like a deodorant. Creates a slippery environment that supposedly wards off hot spots. Can be used on feet, too.

Spandex shorts or boxer briefs: The idea is that you cover that sensitive inner thigh area to prevent skin friction.

A Kilt: Sounds crazy and only really nice legs can pull it off, but message boards abound with stories of men who have been saved by letting the clean mountain air circulate through their thighs.

Baby Wipes: They clean your nether region better than tp.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste: The name says it all. Check out:

You can find lots of other solutions (and a couple of good laughs) on this message board.

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  1. Mike

    I’ve had excellent luck with “compression boxers” with 10 inch inseams. I used to chafe bloody between the tops of my thighs over anything more than 5 miles or so. A friend suggested “stretchy underpants” and I haven’t had an issue since.

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