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What Should I Sleep in When It’s Cold?

Cold weather sleeping--is it correct to don the clothes you intend to wear the next day?


Cold weather sleeping–is it correct to don the clothes you intend to wear the next day, so you’re not sleeping in sweat-dampened attire and then becoming chilled overnight?

Submitted by - Steve, Nashville, TN


I feel safe saying you should never sleep in damp clothing. You risk not only a chill and poor sleep but also adding unnecessary moisture to the insulation of your bag.

Personally, I prefer to snooze in long underwear that I carry just for sleeping, saving my clothing for the trail. By the way, my sweaty stuff usually dries during the night if I hang it.

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  1. Armadillo

    For cold weather hiking, plan the next days clothes and put them in the bottom of your sleeping bag. The long underwear idea is a good one if you use them only for sleeping otherwise, I have found that simply wearing your basic underwear keeps me warm if I have an appropriate sleeping bag. Doesn’t help much if you have to get up in middle of the night though.

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