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Too Much Salt?

I know you need more sodium when you're sweaty and backpacking, but how much is safe?


A lot of freeze-dried foods contain an extremely large amount of sodium. Not to name any brands, but the average serving contains 1,500 mg of sodium! That times 3 meals is nuts. You need more sodium when you’re sweaty and backpacking, but how much is safe?

Submitted by - Jason, Fort Wayne, IN


We don’t need much salt, but we do need some: The USDA recommends no more than a teaspoon (2,400 mg) of sodium per day, maybe a bit more when you’re sweating heavily. Folks with high blood pressure should eat no more salt than necessary, but healthy hikers seem to be able to process a large amount of salt without any known harmful effects. If you’re hydrated and heart-healthy, a few days of salty freeze-dried food should cause no harm.

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  1. smarterthantheaveragebear

    Great non-answer but google search it yourself you lazy slug. Anyway I often drain the water halfway thru cooking and refill with fresh water to cut the sodium and sometimes take a potassium tablet to balance the excess sodium. Also look for low sodium foods; walnuts are one of my favorites.

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