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Survive a Cougar Encounter

Can you advise on how to deal with a cougar encounter?


Can you advise on how to deal with a cougar encounter?

Submitted by - -Deb, Omaha, NE


Here’s the basic cougar encounter plan:

Don’t run!
Face the cougar and maintain eye contact with it. Keep a group close together, and pick up small kids. Make yourself look as big as possible.
Ready a weapon, such as a stick or rock.

If the cougar approaches:

Throw things. Show your teeth. Yell, shout, scream (which often comes naturally).

If the cougar crouches, pumps its back legs:

Strike preemptively. Run at the cougar, strike at the face, but stay out of claw range. Keep doing all the other stuff, too.

If it attacks:

Fight for your life!

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  1. Gene

    Before i became a crippled up old fat man, i did a lot of hiking with my dogs. After a mountain lion stalked and tried to grab one of my dogs for lunch; i found that mountain lions do not really care to fight. So best advice is, if it looks like he is definitely looking for a fight, do not disappoint him.

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