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Stopping Heavy Bleeding

Is QuikClot a friend or foe?


Is QuikClot a friend or foe?

Submitted by - Donald, Garland, TX


QuikClot works. You have to hold it inside a furiously bleeding wound with hand pressure, but it does encourage clotting. It’s very useful when there are multiple casualties, as in war. But it’s expensive and sort of bulky. I have never been in a backcountry situation where I wished I had some, and I doubt I ever will—so I don’t carry it. You can find more information on stopping heavy bleeding here.  —Buck

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  1. Jim

    I would have to disagree with the comments that say QuickClot isn’t a good add to the back-country first aid kit. I am an EMT, a former Army medic, and I work as a humanitarian aid worker in remote areas all over the world. Everyone in my team is required to carry both QuickClot and at least two CAT’s. I agree that the gauze is better than the sponge, and the post that mentioned ditching surplus bandaids in favor of life saving QuickClot is spot on in my opinion. You can always duct tape a blister, but if you open up an artery, a bandaid isn’t going to cut it.

    As my father once told me “There are things in life you can cut corners on,and things in life you can’t” This is one thing you can’t cut corners on, when you need it, you need it.

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