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Sleep Apnea and Backpacking

Can I still go camping if I sleep with a CPAP machine?


I have sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. Do you have any suggestions for a better night’s sleep in the field?

Submitted by - Rick, Dublin, Ohio


You might consider packing "The Everest"—a fully battery-powered CPAP machine—when camping. As far as I know, it’s currently available from only one company: AEIOMed. They want a chunk of change for it, though—around $700 last time I checked. If you want to take a closer look, you can find The Everest by typing "battery-powered CPAP machine" into Google. Some people with mild to moderate sleep apnea have gotten relief with various outpatient procedures as well. You might ask your doc about it.


  1. Winfred0000

    I have obstructive sleep apnea. I did not do well the stored my machine for several years as the technician who gave me the test said I could do fine if I slept on my side. I was still tired and just quit basically yet to assure myself at least to some degree I slept on my side. I’m single so I had no one to complain about snoring until I traveled cross country with my sister and two nieces. They all complained and my sister said even though I was sleeping on my side it made no difference. I returned to using my machine. I did a lot of car camping while traveling cross country and bought an inverter so I could operate off my car battery. This is fine, however I am a “backpacker”. I like to go for a week or so at times and go far into the wilderness. I discovered, before trying back packing again, that I could sleep apnea free by being in a sitting position. When car camping while traveling, if I was extremely tired, too tired to move the baggage around in my car and rolling out my sleeping bag etc. and needed to just turn off the car and sleep in my driver’s seat, it worked. I could only recline my seat a few degrees. The angle was quite critical. If I was slightly too far back I’d awake myself with a loud snore and being out of breath. If I’m nearly upright I have no apneas. So I tried and tried to put my back pack under my shoulders. or take out contents and prop it to I would be at the right angle. I even used non-skid rubberized netting so I wouldn’t slide on the slick waterproof tent floor covering I use etc. It’s really a problem. I was wondering if there is any light weight way I can have support at least to just above my shoulders, best if as high as my head too, where I can sleep at nearly a 90 degree angle… 90 degrees meaning a 90 degree bend at the hips that’s self-supporting where I don’t have to try to prop things behind it, so I can be in the right upright position in my little 2 person mountain tent. Its a mountain tent where one can sit up at the highest point. Is there anyone else out there in my category who has been trying to resolve the same problem. Thanks for your assistance. Winfred0000

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