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Skeeter-Evasion Tactics

Will eating sulfur keep mosquitoes away?


A while ago, someone asked you whether eating matches will keep mosquitoes away because of the sulfur. You replied saying not to try it because "matches contain poisonous chemicals in addition to sulfur." So here’s my question: Is there a safer source of sulfur by which to test this?

Submitted by - Florida native, Haines City, FL


You can purchase sulfur that’s safe for human consumption at almost any pharmacy. Garlic is also sulfur-rich. Most folks who say sulfur effectively wards off mosquitoes also say that you have to take it daily for about two weeks before it builds up to a sufficient level inside you to repel bugs. Keep in mind, there are a large number of people who have tried it and declared it does not work. Some things that we know do work:

*Wearing light-colored or neutral clothing. Skeeters home in on you using sight, smell, and heat detection. With sight, they’re attracted to contrasts of dark and light.

*Abstaining from beer. A March 2010 study found that mosquitoes are drawn to both beer and people who have guzzled it.

*Bathing, but without using soap (which can smell sweet). This removes sweat and other odors. Click here for more ways to thwart mosquitoes.

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  1. Dan

    DEET is the best However several studies including the US military state that DEET at about 30% is as effective as 31-100% DEET. Plus the 100% stuff melts zip lock baggies and other plastic products

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