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Plantar Warts

How can I treat this condition on the trail?


What is a good way to treat and prevent plantar warts on the trail?

Submitted by - Will, Newport, RI


Plantar warts are similar to calluses, physiologically speaking—so you can
soak them in water for about 20 minutes and rub them off with the same kind
of stone or file you rub calluses off with. If they bother you on the trail,
you can deal with them like you would deal with a blister: by building a
moleskin donut to take the pressure off the wart.

Plantar warts are
prevented by good foot care: wearing good-fitting boots and good wool or synthetic socks, keeping your feet from
getting abraded (so don’t spend much time barefoot), and keeping your feet
relatively clean. Warts are contracted from other people with warts—so
don’t share socks and other items that come in contact with other people’s
warts. Be especially careful to avoid touching warts directly on other people.
Plantar warts eventually go away, sometimes in months, sometimes in years,
so don’t panic and try to be patient.  —Buck

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  1. Wes

    The duct tape works. My youngest son had one and we used tape. Tear it off each night wash your foot and put on fresh piece. Took about two months but finally got the root and now he runs around with no dis-comfort anymore !

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