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Mace vs. Bears

Is a can of personal defense pepper spray an effective bear deterrent?


Is a can of personal defense pepper spray an effective bear deterrent?

Submitted by - C.D., Pinehurst, NC


Pepper spray is pepper spray, whether it is packaged as anti-mugging spray or bear repellent. When packaged as bear repellent, however, the amount of spray released is usually substantially more than when the stuff is packaged to repel humans. Would personal defense spray repel a bear? It might, and it might not. It always ends up depending somewhat on how much spray hits the bear in the face and how enraged the bear is to start with. I would recommend you stick to pepper sprays specifically formulated and packaged to defend against bears, as this is one piece of gear you want to be certain of.

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  1. Jerry Olender

    I have a warrant for my arrest in Toronto – Ontario, Canada because I used a can of bear mace on a man who outweighed me by 80 lbs stood 4 inches over me in height had a longer reach then myself and poked me in the ribs three times with a knife in my home and threatened to stab me for no other reason than he was drunk. Self defense is against the law in Canada and the Police officers here are unrelenting and un-understanding idiots compared to the righteous officers in the United States who would see the wisdom in such an action as self-defense. He had it coming to him and he’ll think twice the next time he gets it into his head to stab his white neighbor without justifiable cause.

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