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Long-Hike Preparation

Q: What is the best thing you can do to train for a climb or long hike?


What is the best thing you can do to train for a climb or long hike?

Submitted by - Joe, Fairport, NY


With tongue in cheek, but with an underlying tone of sincerity, the best way to prepare for a long climb or hike is to go on long climbs and hikes.

But the principles of fitness for such undertakings are well established: you need cardiorespiratory fitness (which you get from fast walking, running, and biking), strength (best earned in a weight room), and flexibility (the result of stretching regularly). And each of these areas should involve regular increases in time and intensity. Check out this story for more detail:

Hike Farther, Hike Stronger

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  1. Rob

    If you work in an office building, carry a backpack with 5-10kgs in it and go up the stairs. If you go for lunch, take the elevator but walk around(to get lunch) with the backpack on, then down the stairs in the afternoon.

    Otherwise just walk with a weight in a backpack for 30-45 minutes per day and longer on weekends and it should help you get some fitness without being a problem to your normal life. Swimming, running, bike riding, etc would of course be a good thing to do when you can.(Cycling to work would be a good idea if it isn’t too far away, and you have a bike)

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