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Itchy, Numb Hands

Will trekking poles help prevent my hands from falling asleep and getting itchy when I hike?


I am an avid backpacker, and I often have trouble with my hands falling asleep and getting itchy when I’m hiking. I’ve read that trekking poles can fix this problem. Can I use my cross-country ski poles?

Submitted by - Aliya, Nevada City, CA


The problem you describe is common. And yep, trekking poles often help a lot. Although you can use your ski poles, sometimes cross-country ski poles are too long to be comfy while backpacking. You don’t want your hands too high up. If your poles adjust, keep your hands at a height that keeps your forearms about parallel to the ground.  —Buck

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  1. Rick Snow

    I experience swelling and numbing as well. I have found that just haveing a twig or stone in my hands helps. I almost always use Trekers when I’m out now. They do the trick as well as helping to help with balance.

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