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Icicles in My Drink?

Is it safe to put icicles in my drink?


While winter camping, is it safe to put icicles in my drink?

Submitted by - Daniel, Chattanooga, TN


Generally speaking, yes, it’s safe to eat clean ice and snow during the winter in the wild outdoors. The same is not always true in urban areas where pollutants may be present. In the outdoors, pay attention to where you gather icicles. They will be cleaner if they hang from an evergreen limb rather than from, say, the hide of a dead deer. But if you hold an icicle up to the light and it looks clear and clean, it’s almost always safe.  —Buck

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  1. Meanolddog

    Well I see they let him loose on his own again..One item Buck failed to note is the effect on the Cold inside you. Like Ice Cream, which does NOT cool you down in summer, but you think it does because it raises your metoblism and you sweat a bit thereby feeling cooler, it is not a good idea to indulge in eating Ice in winter especially at the end of the day when your body is depleted of calories and your shivering etc. etc. it will help ole Mr. Hypothermia take over your body….Now AFTER you refuel your body you might have some ice but only then and of course after you melted and heated up the water.. Secondly I have read of tests done on other websites of ice samples by scientists atop some of our highest mountains and they report the samples contained wind blown dirt, Soot, farm Chemicals, etc. etc. But you also have to watch for Algae or Watermelon Snow and of course follow the advice of your mother “Never eat yellow snow”..Lol’s If your thinking your eating or drinking 100% pure H2o you gotta catch it as it comes down to be sure..And I like my Bourbon Neat!

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