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How Far Do Mosquitoes Range?

What is the mosquito's hunting range?


What is a mosquito’s hunting range? A group of us spent an hour at a campsite killing mosquitoes by hand, and we pretty well cleared out the area. I will be trying insect-killer spray this summer. Much faster!

Submitted by - Dick, Golden, CO


Your dedication to eliminating mosquitoes by hand is admirable. Unfortunately, your method—hand killing—could set you up for a long night. Depending on the species, mosquitoes range varying distances, with one to three miles being common—and seven miles being none too rare. Longer distances than that have also been well-substantiated.  —Buck


  1. CampGirl

    I live in Minnesota the land of 10,000 mosquito hatcheries. My first back country trip was in the Wind River area of Wyoming. I tend to over prepare and had read that the mosquitoes would be bad so three of us brought head-nets and 100% DEET. The DEET came in very small, light bottles and was necessary while eating. Just lifting the head net for seconds to get a fork of food to our mouths let in mosquitoes. They even dive-bombed our food while it was cooking. We extra unplanned protein in our food. I have never seen anything like it. My husband (mosquito’s favorite target) pooh-poohed the head net so he did not bring one. My son let him use his head net because the mosquitoes did not seem to like him as much.

    There is no way that hand killing them would have even made a dent. I think that some DEET a few times a year will not hurt a person and can be the difference between misery and an enjoyable trip.

    • drlloyd2007

      When I take my summer holidays in Mosquito climes I always take a small plastic bottle of
      “Squeezy” liquid” with me. ( washing up liquid)
      I squirt a small shot of the liquid soap into any stagnant water pools around my Villa.
      (including any water barrels etc.)
      The soap breaks up the surface- tension of the water and all the mosquito larvae
      and eggs sink to the bottom and drown.
      Repeat process if it rains a lot.

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