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Heal Shin Splits

Do you know any stretches that will help?


Can you recommend some good stretches for treating shin splints?

Submitted by - Don, Wolcott, CT


To stretch the muscles and tendons associated with your shin, you’ll need to stretch your calf. A simple stretch is to stand upright and place the ball of your foot on an upraised object, such as a rock, log, or curb. Bend your knee and lean forward gently. When you feel the stretch, hold it for about 30 seconds. You can also do the classic calf stretch: Lean forward with your hands against a tree or wall. Place one foot back with the heel on the ground. Keep your heel on the ground and lean forward even more until you feel the stretch. After about 30 seconds, isometrically tighten your shin muscles for about five seconds. Then relax and repeat. The isometric part will help isolate the shin during the stretch. 

Another stretch that will help shin splints is to pull your toes into a pointed position for 30  seconds. Do three sets. You can help prevent this painful condition (often caused by overtraining) by walking on your heels, toes pointed up, for 90 seconds or more.  —Buck

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    To prevent shin splints or just to strengthen those muscles I do the duck walk. Walk on your heels with your toes raised in the air for about 25′ turn around and do it again. This REALLY helped me when I was just getting into running. My shins would give out before any other muscles.

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