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Food in the Tent

How can I keep glucose near me at night without attracting bears?


I take insulin. This means I can have low blood sugar, especially in the middle of the night after backpacking. Do you have suggestions for a glucose boost that I can keep in the tent that will not attract Bear?

Submitted by - Philip, Athens, GA


There is not, in my opinion, a great answer to your question since bears follow their noses through life, sniffing out stuff to eat. I do, however, have suggestions, and the first one is to follow the basic bear safety rules including never going out in bear country alone. Next I suggest you keep in your tent the least amount of whatever you like for a glucose boost, and keep it in one of those new plastic bags that are labeled "odor-proof." These bags cost more than typical plastic bags, but they do trap smells. We like LOKSAK’s odorproof Opsaks (look for a review in Backpacker’s upcoming spring Gear Guide).  —Buck

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  1. Paul Truslow

    I have a son who as a child could not store glycogen so his doctor would nave him drink three tablespoons of corn starch mixed in a sugar free drink before bed. The slow break down would keep his sugar up all night. This might be worth experimenting with. By the way it tastes nasty!

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