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Fight Off Mosquitos

What's the best spray to keep mosquitoes off of me?


What’s the best spray to keep mosquitoes off of me?

Submitted by - Kenneth, Casper, WY


In a 2002 New England Journal of Medicine report on exhaustive testing of insect repellents, DEET was found to be the strongest repellent, and 28.5% percent DEET was enough. After that, the ‘skeeters stayed off the same, no matter how high the concentration. (Read the full study here.

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  1. Steady

    The NEJ report is very interesting to read (read the full article results). It shows that several “known” repellents (Skin So Soft) and several herbal repellents and ‘gizmos’ such as electronic and wristband types are very ineffective compared to the “gold standard” DEET (e.g. Deep Woods Off). Good read. Thanks for posting the link to the article.

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