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Babes in the Woods

I'm bringing my one-year-old camping. What meds and ointments should I pack?


I am doing some primitive camping with my one-year-old. What meds and ointments should I have in my pack? Are permethrin and deet OK for her now?

Submitted by - Brian, Chinle, AZ


I suggest you pack some acetaminophen appropriate for her age in liquid form—for pain and fever. Also bring some hydrocortisone cream (1%) for skin irritations and some antibiotic ointment for little abrasions and small cuts and burns. I also like vitamin A&D Ointment for diaper rash and chafed skin. Permethrin is great for her. Use deet sparingly and only in concentrations of about 30% or less, and keep it out of her eyes and mouth. 

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  1. meanolddog

    A few items I ensured was in our medical kit were: A plastic irragating syringe the kind with a soft curved tip. A Small bottle of Saline Nasal Mist which can also be used to flush the eyes & ears. A small tip Hemostat, and an assorted number of individual sized OTC Medical oinments and creams as well as individual after Sting & Bite swabs. Found at good supply at whom I have gotten all my OTC packet sized supplies since they became a business.. With my two daughters in tow we took on the boonies from when I carried them on my back to late in their teens and I used every item I brought at least three times. Also something for easing the senstivity of teething like oraljel. And it might be difficult at first but you’ll adapt and so will your child. Good luck

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