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Animal Immunity?

Why is it that wild animals can drink water that's unsafe for humans?


Why is it that wild animals can drink water that’s unsafe for humans?

Submitted by - Grey - Augusta, GA


There are long, complex answers to your question, but here are two responses I think are important. First, wild animals do get sick, and sometimes they get sick from the water they drink. They often have diarrhea, and sometimes they die from their illnesses. But, yes, sometimes they can drink water that we cannot tolerate because they have developed immunities that we have not.

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  1. RR

    The main thing is to know the source. I drink unfiltered water all the time because I know it’s spring fed, or snow/glacier fed, and does not pass through human or pack camps. There’s a lot of fear based marketing going on in the outdoor gear industry, and I’ve always felt that the water filter companies were among the worst. Be smart about your source and when in doubt, treat.

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