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Adderall at Altitude


Are there any side effects/risks/weird complications with taking Adderall at altitude? I take Adderall occasionally to help me focus – I’m wondering if I should avoid is when, say, climbing a Fourteener.

Submitted by - Sophia - New York, NY


Sometimes drugs that help with attention deficit problems help with acclimatization to altitudeĀ—and sometimes they don’t. To be absolutely sure, I strongly suggest you discuss your question with the doc who prescribed Adderall for you. He or she will know much more about your individual response to the drug.

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  1. concerned

    My son takes Concerta for ADHD and has not has any adverse effects hiking at high altitude.

    My one concern is that you mention that you take Adderall “occasionally” which is something that you should talk to your Dr. about. Taking drugs for ADHD occasionally is not an effective treatment due to how these drugs work and it can cause serious side effects to go on and off the drug randomly. If you are taking these drugs and you have not been diagnosed with ADHD and just need it occasionally to focus then you should not be using this drug because of the risks. Since ADHD drugs are classified as a controlled substance it is illegal to prescribe the drug unless the patient has been diagnosed with ADHD or for another FDA approved use such as narcolepsy.

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