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Gear Review: Wigwam Trail Mix Fusion Socks

These Wigwam socks are great for skiing thanks to the blister protection offered by the polypro inner face.
 fall gear guide 09 wigwam trail fusion socks 445x260 Wigwam Trail Mix Fusion (Courtesy Photo)

Our editor-in-chief swears by this hybrid sock for long days in his telemark boots. A blend of merino and polypropylene on the outside (for warmth) and polypro on the inner face (for blister prevention), the Fusion is like wearing a liner and sock in one.

After at least 50 washes, the material isn’t as soft as most 100-percent merino socks would be, but the Fusions are holding their shape better than those. And he hasn’t experienced a single hot spot while turning and touring. $16;

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