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Gear Review: High-Powered Flashlights

We tested four unique high-powered lights using lithium batteries for lightweight super power.

Romisen MXDL RC-G2
The budget beam

With an orange tail cap and a choice of grey or black, this light sets itself apart in many categories. With only an on/off button on the tail, the Romisen is simple. The throw of the beam was amazing for the price and amongst our test models. It illuminates at least 60 yards; I was able to spot shining deer eye way down the street, while walking outside during a meteor shower. With the monster output, the battery life didn’t last nearly as long as the others though, about an hour and a half with the lithium battery, but for a backup light to see far distances, this would be great paired with a low-level headlamp. This was another online deal from China, but I found it tough and dependable.

The Specs
Weight: 2.5 oz. with lithium, 3 oz. with alkaline
Price: $31.95, but can be found for less than $12 with shipping.




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