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Gear Review: High-Powered Flashlights

We tested four unique high-powered lights using lithium batteries for lightweight super power.

Hugsby P2
Super tough, and works with multiple types of batteries

This is one of those deals from the Far East wholesalers. It features the option of using 1 AA battery or one CR123 batteries (a shorter fat battery used in cameras and some tactical lights). While a bit on the tactical-looking side, the moderate price and 190 lumens at high output can’t be ignored. It can clip to a pocket or grip nylon hiking pants, and maintained its brightness with on-and-off use during a three-day-trip near Comers Rock, VA. If you take the battery tube extension (used for a AA) out, you can use a CR123 for ultracompact carry. The on/off button at the end of the handle, cycles through three modes: high, medium, and epilepsy inducing blink. You could blink Mr. Bear to death, and if that doesn’t work, throw this uber tough aluminum light with a plastic lens at him. The only con is that running the light on “high” mode, the AA battery only lasts an hour.

The Specs
Weight: 3 oz. with lithium battery, 3.5 oz. with Duracell
Price: $40, but you can find it with a little research for less than $17



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