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Gear Review: High-Powered Flashlights

We tested four unique high-powered lights using lithium batteries for lightweight super power.

Fenix MC10 Angle Light
The right-angle wonder

This light screams “neato” coming out of the box. The head moves back and forth on an axis to provide light while sitting on a surface or hanging in a tent; the flexing light can also attach to a pack strap or pocket. One button on top of the head flips on the light. While caving, it worked well for lighting lunch, and I just clipped it onto a branch when I was cooking in camp. The angle light has three levels of output, and two types of flashing modes, with the highest level being 125 lumens (the lowest is 5). When you run it at the lowest level it lasted the longest out of our testers. On the low level, with lithium batteries, the light lasted over 3 days while left on. On the high mode, it lasts about 1.5 hours.

The Specs
Weight: 2.6 oz. with lithium battery, 3 oz. with alkaline
Price: $54.95

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