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Gear Review: Coleman LED Quad Lantern

No kid gets left in the dark with this versatile LED lamp.
october 09 gear colman LED quad lantern Coleman LED Quad Lantern (Courtesy Photo)

Trust us: Don’t try to camp without a light for each kid. But get the right one. Headlamps often get lost or left burning all night, and standard handheld flashlights aren’t versatile. Enter the Quad, a great solution for car-camping families. It’s a beacon of a light source that easily illuminates a picnic table and then some.

Even better: It separates into four 6-LED handheld lights–so each kid can have his own torch, too. The main terminal charges the four panels on eight D batteries, and when separated from the terminal they’ll run for about 90 minutes each before they need recharging. $70; 6 lbs.;

Make it Backpackable Coghlan’s Micro Lantern is light (1 oz.) and cheap ($8) enough to buy one for everybody.

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