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Gear School: Headlamps

Improve your night sight with the latest headlamp technology.

>> Conserve power. When working around camp, dim the light.
>> Hang your lamp in the tent to make a lantern.
>> Wear it like a necklace when conversing. Result: useful glow, no blinding.
>> Dry off your lamp. Most headlamps are water-resistant and can withstand rain, snow, and brief submersion. But swimming with your torch will ruin it, unless you have a totally waterproof model. If fresh water gets inside the casing, immediately take out the batteries and dry the contacts and the rest of the lamp. For accidental ocean dunkings, quickly rinse the whole thing (including the battery compartment) with fresh water, then dry it. And don’t store a wet lamp; it will corrode.
>> Protect it from dust. Headlamps can withstand a serious beating; even if you scratch the lens, it won’t affect the way the light shines. But if fine particles penetrate the casing, they can interfere with the contacts, damaging performance. In dusty areas, stow it in a bag.
>> Be cold savvy. In frigid temps, stow the entire lamp in an inner pocket when it’s not in use, to keep the batteries warm and functional.
>> To store, remove batteries. Lamps draw a little power even when off.

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