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Gear Review: Black Diamond Storm

The Storm has multiple setting options for only $50 and four ounces.
BDiamond_Storm_445x260.jpg(Courtesy Photo)

You want it, the Storm’s got it. There’s gusto: On the spot setting (100 lumens), it’s “powerful enough for night hiking through any terrain, and it’s spotlight-bright more than 100 feet out,” said one tester after a trip in California’s Trinity Alps. On flood setting, the light diffuses evenly into the periphery, creating 180 degrees of yellowish light (which testers much prefer over blue-tinted LEDs).

Bonus: You can adjust brightness, and a fourth AAA battery (most in this class have just three) maintains high output for four hours.

Tip: Read the manual to figure out all the functions, like the lock mode to prevent accidental turn-ons.

4 oz

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