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Gear Review: CRKT Guppie Knife

This tiny toolbox fits perfectly in the hand.
june 2010 knives guppie 445x260CRKT Guppie (Courtesy Photo)

[tiny toolbox]
Get a well-stocked workbench that fits in your palm. In addition to a screaming-sharp, two-inch, hollow-ground stainless-steel blade, the Guppie has a few uncommon features: an adjustable wrench and four screwdriver bits (both flat and Phillips).

The plentitude of bits (which snap into a removable carrier that attaches to the handle) came in handy when one tester spent a rainy day cleaning his multifuel stove. The integrated carabiner clip cracks open posthike beverages easier than most. And its unusual, almondlike shape is surprisingly ergonomic: “It looks awkward, but I really like how it fits in my hand,” says one tester. Bonus: A push-button LED light is built into the bit carrier. $40; 5 oz.;

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