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Green Scene: BPA-Free Water Bottles

Lighten your planetary load, water bottle style, with these BPA-free water bottle alternatives.
Courtesy CamelBakCourtesy CamelBak

There’s been much debate lately about the health risks of BPA–a chemical commonly used to make polycarbonate (hard, clear plastic usually labeled #7/PC) water bottles–but no verdict. While scientists continue to study the issue, some hikers are trading in their old bottles without waiting for the results. Here are five BPA-free alternatives.

Material Who’s Using It Comments
(labeled: #2 or #4)
Most companies that make squishy bike-style bottles
Usually opaque, usually imparts a bit of plastic taste
CamelBak and Nalgene, among others
Same performance as polycarbonate; slightly more expensive
Stainless Steel
Guyot Designs, Klean Kanteen, and others
Durable and taste-free; heavier and more expensive than plastic
Sigg, Laken, and other brands
Lightweight, taste-free with food-safe lining; pricier than plastic
(labeled: #1)
Plastic used in most soda and convenience-store water bottles
Cheap and light, but not durable

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