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March 2008 Essentials Review: First-Aid Kits

Customize Your Kit
5 emergency extras our safety experts recommend

  • Survival blanket and firestarter kit (butane lighter and cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly packed in a film case) to survive a night out
  • A #16 blunt-point plastic/canvas needle and #69 bonded nylon thread to repair rips in clothes, packs, and tents
  • Brunton’s 9067 bubble compass ($5; .5 oz.; and the Survival S.O.S Whistle ($3; .3 oz.;; find yourself, or help others find you
  • Hand sanitizer and a lightweight blade like Kershaw’s Two Can knife (.9 oz., page 148) to make sterile incisions
  • Bandanna to make a sling, wrap an ankle, or bandage a wound
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