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Field Notes: North Face Propel Sleeping Bag, Asolo Power Matic Boot, Lanterns, and Vargo Titanium Sierra Pot

The latest word from our testers

Multitasking Pot
Vargo Titanium Sierra 750

If you’ve ever had the privilege of camping with your grandparents, chances are they packed Sierra cups–those bowl-shaped aluminum vessels that hold cowboy coffee or chili equally well. This updated version–made of superlight titanium–is appealing to ultralighters looking for a stovetop pot that doubles as a cup/bowl. It holds 25 ounces and comes with a knobbed lid that has tiny straining holes on one side; our tester cooked his single serving of Ramen and strained out the water without spilling anything or burning his fingers. The handle folds away for streamlined packing. Caution: The rim gets hot in cup mode. $40; 4.5 oz. (877) 932-8546;

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