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Gear Review: Julbo Trek Sunglasses

These mountaineering sunglasses keep perspiration away.
FGG12EYE_Julbo_TrekCamel_445x260Julbo Trek


Tired of peering through sweat-streaked lenses? Get the Trek. “A removable foam strip mops sweat from the forehead, stopping it from dripping into eyes and onto lenses,” our tester reported after high-output winter climbs in Rocky Mountain National Park. The photochromic lenses (with polarized Camel tint) adapt to changing conditions (darkening from 20 to 5 percent VLT); the range proved ideal for most conditions (a little better than the Rainier on the brightest days, a little worse in the lowest light). Style alert: Function trumps form with the sweat blocker. $200; 1.5 oz.; 

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