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Gear Review: Julbo Monterosas Glacier Glasses

Women's glacier glasses that transform to daily shades
Gear Guide 2010 ESS Julbo Monterosas 445x260Julbo Monterosas (Courtesy Photo)

The Julbo Monterosas ($90, 1 oz., below) are the first glacier glasses we’ve seen that are scaled for female faces, and they fit our lady alpinists perfectly. “They’re great for high-mountain sun and snow glare,” one tester reported after wearing them on Switzerland’s Aletsch Glacier.

The plastic side covers pop on and off, for transitions from trail to town, and the mirrored polycarbonate Spectron 4 lens (blocking 95 percent of visible light) protected our eyes during long hours of snow-reflected glare. Guys, go for Julbo’s Bivouak; our Mt. Rainier tester loved the bendable stems, lens venting, and wide coverage. $120; 1 oz;

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