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Gear Review: Costa Fathom Sunglasses with 580P lens

Sunglasses that provide super clarity and eye protection.
october 2010 fieldnotes costa fathom sunglasses 445x260Costa Fathom with 580P Lens (Courtesy Photo)

Want to see the world in high-def? Put these glasses on. Costa’s 580 lens technology, available now for the first time in impact-resistant polycarbonate, screens out yellow light (580 nanometers on the light spectrum), which is harder for the eye to process than red, blue, and green. The result is razor-sharp color and definition. The polarized gray lens proved versatile for changing light while I was hiking, biking, and paddling. Side vents prevented fogging on sweaty trail runs, and a hydrophobic coating kept the lenses free of water streaks when I was bouncing down rapids on California’s Trinity River.

Best For
Anyone who wants eye protection with superior clarity

Tester Data
> Dennis Lewon
> Duration June-July
> Locales/conditions CA, CO, WY; bright sun, rivers, dappled forest cover

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