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Lightweight Climbing Gear

With a light climbing rope, shoes, and harness, you'll be packed and ready to hit the rock in no time.
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Old dilemma: Choose between a comfortable harness that’s bulky and a torture thong that’s lightweight. New dilemma: What to do with your old harness after trying Arc’Teryx’s new R-320. The thin-as-a-tortilla belt and leg loops on the R-320 reduce weight by about one-third and make it the most comfortable harness we’ve ever tested. The trick: While harness webbing has traditionally been braided with crossing strands, Arc’Teryx designers removed the vertical strands without compromising structural integrity (because the horizontal fibers bear the load and distribute it evenly). We like the self-locking buckle (it remains doubled back, you just tighten the webbing), but the reversible, injection-molded gear loops hang limply, so it’s not easy to clip ‘biners into them. $125; 11 oz. (men’s medium). The women’s model is the R-280. (800) 985-6681;

Rope | Shoes | Harness

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