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Lightweight Climbing Gear

With a light climbing rope, shoes, and harness, you'll be packed and ready to hit the rock in no time.
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[Your Feet]

It’s a long-held belief among climbers that your feet have to suffer in rock shoes. Don’t buy it. Scarpa Thunders are shaped more like a human foot than traditional climbing shoes, which meant all-day comfort for our tester, and probably healthier feet (and more climbing!) in the long run. The Thunder’s sticky rubber smeared reliably on slabs, stuck to edges, and felt secure in toe jams from Idaho’s City of Rocks to Nevada’s Red Rocks. The perforated suede uppers resist stretching and breathe well. Rock junkies, take note: While the Thunders are admirable all-around performers, they do not excel at specific types of climbing, such as face climbing with small holds. $89; 18 oz.; men’s and women’s Euro sizes: 36-46, 47, 48, 49, 50. (866) 998-2895;

Rope | Shoes | Harness

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