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Lightweight Climbing Gear

With a light climbing rope, shoes, and harness, you'll be packed and ready to hit the rock in no time.
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Imagine a sleeping bag that’s about 20 percent less bulky than the competition without being any less warm. That’s exactly what the Beal Booster III 9.7mm rope does for climbers–it lets you carry less without angsting over space versus safety. Not long ago, any rope less than 10mm in diameter was only considered safe when paired with a second one. But Beal employs a unique heat treatment on the core of the Booster III, giving it the strength of a fatter rope. It’s supple for easy clipping into gear, and comes with a choice of two treatments–Dry Cover has enough water resistance for the occasional rainstorm, while GoldenDry is made for wet conditions. Tip: To prevent the rope from sliding too quickly, use a belay device designed for ropes thinner than 10mm. One gripe: The middle mark is hard to spot. $185; 8 lbs. 14 oz. (60-meter Dry Cover). (801) 278-5533;

Rope | Shoes | Harness

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