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Gear Review: CamelBak Groove

A water bottle that makes chemically treated water taste better.
March 2011 CamelBak Groove 445x260CamelBak Groove (Courtesy Photo)
[enjoy taste] Want the low weight of a chemical treatment but hate the aftertaste? Pair one of the products at left with this bottle. The 20-ouncer (comes in stainless steel or BPA-free plastic) has a charcoal filter that strips chemicals and impurities out of water, so it improves the taste of chemically treated water. (It does not filter out pathogens like bacteria and protozoa.)

Add chemicals directly to the bottle or treat a bigger batch in a separate reservoir and transfer it. The filter lasts for 50 gallons, and replacements cost $5 each. $25-$35; 4-8.5 oz.;

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