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Tax Rebate Gear: Build a Better Backpacker

This year, spend that extra dough on at-home workout gear that will make it easier to get out and log miles. Basically, you're investing in you.

H2O Audio Surge Contact 2G Waterproof Headset
Listen to music and stay connected no matter the weather

Listening to music while you workout is a great way to get motivated. When I’m hiking I like to listen to the outdoors, but when I’m out running long miles on the trail or treadmill time seems to go by faster with a good song. But when you workout, you sweat. And after a few weeks, your headphones are pretty nasty with no way to clean them. But with waterproof headphones you can sweat all you want and then simply rinse them off.

The Surge Contact 2G is not only waterproof to 12 feet and a great-sounding pair of headphones, but also includes an inline microphone so you can make phone calls and stay in touch while working out. I used the headphones over three weeks for treadmill workouts and trail runs on my lunch break, and came away especially impressed with the sound quality from the earbud headphones. I played a variety of music through them: Ice Cube was full-bodied and Justin Bieber’s voice was crisp and clear.

The headphones come with five different sized elastomer plugs that are easily changed to best fit your ear. They seal out sound so well that when the volume is off it is quite difficult to hear anything at all. In fact, when running outside I found it best to only put the headphone into one ear or else I completely lost all peripheral auditory sense.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a swimming pool open in my area so I couldn’t test them out swimming laps, but anyone who has spent hours staring at that black stripe in the pool can certainly imagine what a boost it would be to pair the headphones with a waterproof case and be able to listen to music during a workout. I did, however, try out the setup in the bathtub, and while it was a little disconcerting at first to go underwater wearing headphones, they have such a great seal I didn’t notice any sound difference on dry ground or under the water. If you like to listen to music or be able make calls while you run, swim, kayak, raft, or hike, try out this headset from H2O Audio and don’t worry about a little water.

The Specs:
1 oz.

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