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Gear Review: Eton Soulra iPod Dock

An iPod dock for the backcountry.
GG11_ETON_Soulra_445x260Eton Soulra (Courtesy Photo)

The Eton Soulra looks, acts, and–thanks to two on-board drivers– even sounds like that fancy iPod dock in your kitchen. You can certainly use it there, but this one’s built for the outdoors. The rechargeable battery gives you about four hours of tunes, and the ingenious flip-out solar panel will keep you rocking long after that. (Though our tester had mixed results on overcast days: Sometimes the solar panel was able to draw a charge, but sometimes there just wasn’t enough light.) Rugged (it’s rubberized), splashproof, and shoebox size, it’s great for campground-to-campground road trips. $200; 3 lbs. 8 oz.;

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