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Gear Review: Lowrance Endura Sierra

A fully-featured GPS
Gear Guide 2010 ESS GPS Lowrance Endura 445x260Lowrance Endura Sierra (Courtesy Photo)

If the internet is a buffet of various types of trail data, then this unit is your plate and fork. You can download GPX files, photos, video, and sound files to supplement the stellar, preloaded topos. At 4GB, the Sierra’s memory is the biggest in its class (get even more with a 32GB microSD card).

It also features an exhaustive list of trailheads, stores, and outfitter locations. “With this big-brained GPS, there’s virtually no limit on the tracklogs or waypoints you can collect,” says one of our top tech testers. After trips in the Rockies, our map editors confirmed that it’s spot-on accurate and simple to operate. $550; 6 oz.;

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