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Navigation: Lakes and Oceans

Triangulate, forge through wind, and learn the tides with these water-bound navigation tips.

Key Gear

1. Get the latest tide charts at To print them, use weatherproof paper from (also good for printing maps). $26 for 50 8 1/2 x 11 sheets
2. Osprey’s Map Wrap is a waterproof, trifold case that attaches to your pack’s shoulder strap, giving you quick-draw access without the worry of water damage; it tucks out of the way when you’re on the move. $15; 3 oz.;
3. The waterproof and durable Brunton 58 Kayak Compass straps directly to your vessel with elastic cord clips for easy, hands-free navigation. It is also a cinch to remove quickly when docking your boat. $78; 4 oz.;
Photos by Courtesy and Julia Vandenoever (Tide Chart), Illustrations by Supercorn.

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