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Navigation: Canyons and Deserts

Learn how to stay on track and find water safely in the desert and canyons.

Key Gear

1. lets you order aerial photographs with UTM grid overlays for any U.S. destination. Choose between color or black-and-white, waterproof, glossy, or laminated, and multiple sizes. $15 and up

2. Brunton’s 54LU has all of the normal functions of a baseplate compass and also allows you to sight through it for extremely accurate plotting, a valuable tool in the featureless desert. $109; 1.4 oz.;

3. Need to take a bearing to a very distant landform? The lightweight, thumb-size Columbia Companion Monocular has a 10x-to-30x zoom with high-quality focus. $41; 3.2 oz.;

Photos by Courtesy, Illustrations by Supercorn, Maps by

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