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Navigate: Whiteout, Darkness, and Fog

Just because you can't see in front of you doesn't mean you can't navigate.

Key Gear
1. Lowrance Endura Sierra. This user-friendly, versatile GPS unit comes preloaded with topos for all of the continental states (and thousands of key trail waypoints). Compass and altimeter? Check. Bonus: Its 4GB internal memory lets you upload photos or video of your route. $550; 6.2 oz.;

2. Mammut’s X-Zoom can blast a beam 100 yards into the night (on the max brightness setting) or cast a soft glow over your map (in diffuse mode). Plus, battery life is mega; our test model burned 36 hours straight on high. $100; 7.3 oz. (with 3 AAAs);

3. Brooks-Range’s All-in-One UTM Grid Reader lets you measure distances and plot precise waypoints on the map, so you can transfer them from your map to the GPS or vice versa. With eight scales, the reader works with almost all map types. $6;
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