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10 Best iPhone Apps for the Outdoors

These applications might not qualify as the 10 Essentials, but they're pretty sweet to have on the trail nonetheless.
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6. GoSkyWatch Planetarium: Enjoy the night sky even more with this app, which gives you information on (and close-up photos of) whatever celestial body you point it at. ($5.99,

7. Sunrise: Determine the exact time of sunrise, sunset, and twilight before and after each based on your precise geographical location. ($0.99,

8. Backpacker Checklist: Make sure you have everything you need with this thorough checklist. This app lets you add essential items to your custom list, along with their weight and info on where you can find them (e.g., where they’re stored at home or where you need to buy them). ($0.99,

9. GoToAid: Clear, nicely illustrated instructions for medical emergencies from minor cuts to broken arms. It also includes first-aid instructions for pets, in case Fido falls sick as a dog. ($2.99,

10. US Army Survival Guide: Deal with anything nature throws at you, Army-style, with this thorough survival reference. Chapters on food- and water-finding skills, shelter, and firecraft join appendices on plant and animal identification to cover just about any situation you might run into. ($1.99,

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